禁忌迷人的母亲 – 恩

On the outside, it seems as if the Amamiya family of is a picture of happiness and stability; Yosuke is a successful businessman, having recently been remarried to a beautiful wife named Misako. Their son, Kazuhiko, is in college.

But for Misako, things aren’t so fine and dandy: Kazuhiko is cold and distant towards his stepmother, the workaholic that is Yosuke doesn’t satisfy his wife in the bedroom, and Misako receives menacing phone calls from an unknown stalker while the two are out. As Misako grows dissatisfied and her safe haven begins to crumble, she is drawn into a forbidden love that reveals her darkest and most illicit fantasies.

来源: myanimelist

  • Taboo Charming Mother episode 1-6

    禁忌迷人的母亲插曲 1-6


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